What is Dashboard?

Ecomfit Dashboard is an overview of your most important data and even a quick glance of solution for your store. In this Dashboard, we simplify some important metrics (last 7 days by default) so our customers can see their store health at ease.

  • Visitor: A total number of unique people who visit your website.
  • Total Orders: A total number of items/services that people buy from your online store
  • Revenue: Your NET sales (gross sales minus discount and return) plus taxes, shipping, and other fees
  • Conversion: The percentage of unique visitors that resulted in orders (Buyers/Total visitor*100%)
  • Cart Abandonment: A total number of unique people who leave the checkout page before completing the checkout process.
  • Lost Revenue: NET revenues of cart that your visitors abandoned.

Revenue & Conversion Chart

Revenue & Conversion Chart represents your store health in your timeline. Basically, they tell you if your revenue is going up but your conversion is going down. Then, you need to optimize your store at first, not to scale up your ads. In another way around, if your conversion goes up but your revenue is decreased then I am sure that you need to scale your ads or checking if there is any error with our Warning Feature.

Feel free to contact us via email: help@ecomfit.com

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