Warning is our “fire alarm” warning you on the ongoing issues on your website in real-time so that you can act upon immediately. Have a look at this image:

ecomfit warning

As you can see, 2 notifications alert you when you visit Warning function. Moreover, there are 4 elements shown in this feature, they are:

  • Traffic Warning: this element reveals which source is or is not good via number of total visitor, conversion rate and website conversion rate. Besides, it shows actionable conclusions from the data table for owner stores.
  • Product Warning: the second part also presents how items convert to sale with actionable summaries.

  • Loading Slow Warning: This part will reveal which URLs are loading slowly with loading time and exit rate, then you can find out solutions to optimize them.
  • Bounce Rate Warning: As you can see in the second picture above, Bounce Rate Warning helps store owners find out which URL have a high or low bounce rate.

Here are all information about Warning function of Ecomfit.

Feel free to contact us via email: help@ecomfit.com

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