Funnel Visualization

It's simple is just your Customer Journey from Visiting to Payment Success. The whole process is summed in our Funnel Visualization. You can even see the Funnel broke down by day or by each Journey your customer took part in and leave so you can make adjustment for them.

The metrics showing you which index you should focus on and which is doing their job, all of them updating in real-time.

ecomfit funnel visualization

For more details, there are 6 essential elements in this feature, such as Visitor, Total sale, Revenue, Conversion, Cart Abandon and Lost Revenue. These elements can help you have an overview of your revenue quickly when you click into Funnel Visualization. 

Besides, we also provide a funnel visualization chart in details to help you find out at which stage and how many customers and sales dropped out:

In this chart:

  • All visitors: This shows the total of clients visit your store and view your products in the determined period.
  • Product Detail: This element displays the number of products add to cart in the determined time
  • Cart: It helps store owners know how many customers checkout, abandon cart and how much revenue lost as the determined time you set.
  • Checkout: The number of customers click into payment will be revealed in this figure, also with abandoned payment and lost revenue.
  • Make payment: Admin will be aware of the number of success purchases and lost revenue.
  • Payment Success: this shows the total of revenue of your stores in the determined time.

Next, the Warning feature is also included in this function to update problems to online store owners. Furthermore, at the end of the screen, Ecomfit presents a detailed table called Funnel Visualization by Date. The table assists business owners in having information each day, look at this image below:

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