Funnel Visualization

It's simply your end-to-end Customer Journey. It is divided into different stages, from the time they visit your store until they make successful payment. 

The whole process is summed in our Funnel Visualization. You can even see your Funnel broken down by day and by each stage your customer journey. From this funnel, you'll know how to make an adjustment for them.

The metrics showing you which index you should focus on and which is doing their job well. All of them are updated in real-time.

For more details, there are 6 stages in this Funnel Visualization that you can find their explanation below. Our Funnel Visualization Chart can help you have an overview of:

  • The number of customers going through each stage (you will see how these numbers going down and if there is a sharp decrease between two consecutive stages, you'll know where to focus on).
  • Lost revenue after each stage.

In this chart, you'll find how your customers go through each stage in a given period of time:

  • All visitors: Shows the total number of customers visiting your store and viewing your products
  • Product Detail: Displays the number of products added to carts
  • Cart: Display how many customers checkout, abandon cart and how much revenue you have lost 
  • Checkout: The number of customers click into payment page, coupled with abandoned payment and lost revenue
  • Make payment: Number of success purchases and lost revenue.
  • Payment Success: Total revenue that can be realized

When scrolling down, you will find a detailed table called Funnel Visualization by Date (picture below). It will help you with information about how your store performs day by day:

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