Cart Abandonment

Say no more about this Feature. This is the first part that you have to check when you wake up. Why? Because Abandonment costs e-marketers about 2 to 4 trillion per year. No joke.

With this function, Ecomfit reveals various figures for you as a store owners, such as: 

  • Lost revenue
  • Cart Abandoned
  • Products Abandoned
  • Revenue/Lost Revenue
  • Leave by Step
  • Lost Revenue/Products (by Date)
  • Cart Abandonment in Details. 

As you can see in the first image, we show the data of Revenue/Lost Revenue as an easy-looking donut chart. 

Second, in the right box called Leave by Step, store owners will be aware when customers leave in very details, for instance, at cart, at checkout or even failed at payment. 

Hence you can easily have an optimized action for each stage.

For more visualization, we also demonstrate the data of Lost Revenue/Lost Products by Date in a combination chart. This way, you can update your revenue trend at ease and then make an informed decision.

In Cart Abandonment, we also put on display a detailed table with 4 figures: Product, Price, Quantity Abandoned and Lost revenue.

All those data will help you have both overview and detailed reports about your products and business. If you need to make some adjustment and improvement for your selling strategy, Cart Abandonment can be a good start.

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