Sales Performance

These Sales Metrics show your revenue divided by time, most bought product, etc... It is necessary to keep track of your winning product and traffics that bring you sales.

With Sale performance, you can zoom in and zoom out your store performance at ease, filtering by dates, traffic sources, devices, and location.

The first 4 boxes in the top will give you a quick check of revenue:

  • Total Revenue
  • Total Order
  • Revenue per visitor
  • Average order

Below, you'll find a big table - Revenue by Date. It's presented as a bar chart so store owners can be informed of their revenue trend. 

For instance: the highest revenue period often occurred in the middle of the month, the beginning and the end of the month usually see a drop in sale. Or in a week, especially from Tuesday to Friday, your business often perform better than the weekend.

From this knowledge, you might know how to adjust your promotion campaign more effectively.

In the bottom of Sale performance, Ecomfit brings two summary tables: Product Sale so that you can have information about outstanding items that work.

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