There are 6 kinds of promotion popup by Ecomfit. Let’s see how they are and which one you should choose: 

1. Display offer immediately without any condition

This one will help you show coupon code directly when a guest visits your store. You can use them to welcome new visitors or promote your sale campaign

2. Require customer email before showing offer

This type of popup requires customers to fill in their email to receive your coupon code. Using this popup will help you collect more email than ever.

3. Require social interaction before showing offer

If you want to hack your social engagement, this one will be suitable for you. Your visitors need to have a social action such as Share, Like or Tweet then they can get the discount code.

4. Require email input or social interaction before showing offer

Like the second and third type, your customer takes the coupon code only when they input email or have social engagement.

5. Announcement popup

Take advantage of Announcement popup to send a welcome message to your customers when they visit your store.

6. Video popup

This type of popup will be suitable for showing your Youtube video. This function will be launching soon.

When starting a campaign, depending on your purpose to choose a type wisely. 

You can check our tips to select a suitable kind of popup here.

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