In Target Visitor setting: 

1. Visitors

You can show popup to all customers by selecting All Visitors, or depending on your campaign, you can choose New Visitors or Old Visitors.

2. Locations

Turn it on when you want to display the popup to customers from a determined location. When switching it on, you will choose countries in the dropdown list.

3. Traffic

  • Turn on this config if you want to show popup to people who come from special traffic, such as social networks or Google.
  • In Social Networks and Search Engine, you can pick one or several, or even all options
  • In UTM Traffics, fill in the boxes to determine the campaign customer come from.

4. Products

If you want to show popup to customers who viewed or bought products, then turn this config on.

In the dropdown list, you can select multiple products which have been viewed or bought.

5. Cart Abandoned 

This option should be switched on to reduce the number of abandoned shopping carts. 

  • Created time: choose a period in which customers leave their carts
  • Cart amount: fill in a number, for instance, from $5 to $45
  • Has products: pick several products which will be added to carts and abandoned

6. Customer Value

This function helps to display the popup to customers who generated orders.

  • Buy: there are 2 dropdown options: Bought already and Not yet buy.

If you choose Bought Already, it will show 2 other settings:

  • Bought date: select a period in which they bought your product   
  • Bought amount: fill in a number of cart value, for instance, from $5 to $45 

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