After you set up Content Design and Target Visitor, you move to Triggered.

Now, have a look at our user guide to find out how it works.

1. Where do you want to display popup?

  • Page Type: Choose pages to show the popup. However, if you use the Shopify platform, then you cannot choose the Checkout page. 
  • Devices: pick mobile or PC or tablet as you want
  • URL Start With: if you want to show popup to special URLs, then fill in the beginning URL or text.

2. When do you want to display popup?

There are 4 options for you to decide when you want to show the popup:

  • When customers intend to leave your website: this is an exit-intent popup, which will help to make your visitor stay longer on site.
  • When customers have shopping carts and intend to exit: it will help to motivate customers to stay on-site and complete their cart.
  • When a customer visited X times: that means when you set 2 times, a visitor came to your store for the first time, he exited. At the second times, he comes back to your store, then a popup will be shown.
  • When a customer viewed X times: if you set 3 times, then when a customer viewed 3 pages on your store, your promotion popup will be displayed.

3. Do you want to display discount button?

If you wish to show the discount button, then turn the option on, and choose where the position will be presented.

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