Cart abandonment has been a common problem in e-commerce. Let learn how to use promotion popup to reduce cart abandonment.

You have 2 methods to create a stunning popup to reduce abandoned cart:

- Use our automation campaign called Reduce Abandoned Cart

- Create by yourself with Customized Campaign 

METHOD 1: Reduce Abandoned Cart Automation

Go to Ultimate Popup/ Reduce Abandoned Cart, click into Create New Popup button.

Step 1: In Popup Condition:

  • Popup name: name your campaign as you want
  • Coupon code: create your coupon code, then copy them here
  • Apply time: set time limitation for your popup campaign. In case you do not set limited time, your popup will run lifetime until you deactivate it.
  • Display priority: If you create more than one pop-up campaigns with the same conditions, pop-up will be displayed in an order of priority.

Step 2: Content Design 

  • Choose a template of popup you want 
  • Fill in all the required box to make your popup work perfectly
  • Save and Active 

METHOD 2: Customized Campaign to create popup more professional

Step 1: Select the type of popup

You can choose any kind of popup you want. In this case, I recommend using Display offer immediately without any condition to motivate customers to complete cart more easily.

Step 2: Choose an attractive theme

Step 3: Adjust theme to your desire

Step 4: In Target Visitor, decide the location, traffic, products, and cart abandoned

  • Turn on Cart Abandoned  
  • Created time: choose a period in which the cart is abandoned
  • Cart amount: set up the minimum and the maximum amount of the cart as you want
  • Has products: select multiple choices from the dropdown list of your products.

Step 5: In Triggered, pick the exit time to show popup

In this case, you should select the second option: When customers have shopping cart and intend to exit. So when your visitor tends to exit and leaves his cart, he will see a popup to complete his cart.

Then, in the third config, please switch on Show discount button setting.

Step 6: In Coupon & Display Conditions

In Stop Display in the third config, you should select After visitor has signed up or clicked to stop showing the popup

To go live this campaign, just click on “Save and Active”.

Hope that this popup can transfer some potential lost sales to your bank account!

Ecomfit Team.