Using Ecomfit promotion popup to promote your discount campaign now.

Step 1: Select the type of popup

You can choose any kind of popup you want. In this case, I recommend using Display offer immediately or Require social interaction before showing offer type. Your customers will be motivated to have more engagement. Further, requiring social interaction will help to increase your brand awareness.

Step 2: Select an attractive popup template

Step 3: Customize the popup 

Fill in your social URL and message with an attractive CTA. 

Then, you need to customize the Thank You popup to show when customers complete the requirement:

Step 4: In Target Visitor, decide the location, traffic, products, and cart abandoned

Step 5: In Triggered, pick the exit time to show popup

  • When do you want to display popup: you should select the second or third option - When a customer viewed 0 times or visited 0 times. So when a visitor just navigates to your store, he will see your popup.

Step 6: Create your coupon and publish the popup