You have 2 methods to create a stunning popup to increase your subscriber and followers:

  • Take advantage of automation campaign called Capture Email Lists or Increase Social Subscribers
  • Create by yourself with Customized Campaign 

Let follow these steps to collect more email subscribers and followers.

METHOD 1: Capture Email Lists Automation or Increase Social Subscribers Campaign

Go to Ultimate Popup/ Capture Email Lists, click into Create New Popup button.

Step 1: In Popup Condition:

  • Popup name: name your campaign as you want
  • Give coupon code to motivate customer subscriber email:
    • Coupon code: create your coupon code, then copy them here
    • Apply time: set time limitation for your popup campaign. In case you do not set limited time, your popup will run lifetime until you deactivate it.
  • Set up where do you want to show the popup:
    • Pages Type: if you do not want to configure a special page to show popup, then you needn't choose any page.
    • Devices: you should choose all devices as default.
    • URL start with: you can set up to show the popup for whom coming from a special link as you want.
  • Configure when you want to show the popup: there are 2 options in automation campaign:
    • When customers intend to leave your store
    • When he viewed X times 

Step 2: Content Design 

  • Choose a template of popup you want 
  • Fill in all the required box to make your popup work perfectly. Remember copy your social URLs if you choose Increase Social Subscribers campaign 

  • Save and Active 

METHOD 2: Customized Campaign to create popup more professional

Step 1: Select one type of popup

You can choose any kind of popup you want, except for the first option. 

Step 2: Select an attractive popup template

Step 3: Customize the popup to be suitable with your brand

Fill in social URL, your welcome message with an attractive CTA. Then you need to custom a thank you popup after customers entered their email:

Step 4: In Target Visitor, decide the location, traffic, products, and cart abandoned

In this situation, you should select All Visitors to receive your popup.

Step 5: In Triggered, pick the exit time to show popup

  • Pages Type: You should choose All Pages
  • When do you want to display popup: you can select the first or the last option - When customers intend to leave your website or When a customer viewed 0 times. So whenever a visitor tends to leave your store, he will see a popup to make him have more engagement. Or when they just navigate to your store, you can ask them to fill in their email or follow twitter to get the code.

Step 6: Create your coupon and publish the popup