Businesses all want as many customers as they can get. One of the leading ways to achieve that desire is by using e-commerce popups to attract customers right when they visit your store.

You have 2 methods to create a stunning popup to send a welcome message to your guests:

- Use our automation campaign called Welcome Discount

- Create by yourself with Customized Campaign 

METHOD 1: Welcome Discount Automation Campaign

Go to Ultimate Popup/ Welcome Discount, click into Create New Popup button.

Step 1: In Popup Condition:

  • Popup name: name your campaign as you want
  • Display priority: If you create more than one pop-up campaigns with the same conditions, the popup will be displayed in an order of priority.

  • Give coupon code to motivate customer subscriber email:
    • Coupon code: create your coupon code, then copy them here
    • Apply time: set time limitation for your popup campaign. In case you do not set limited time, your popup will run lifetime until you deactivate it.
  • Set up where do you want to show the popup:
    • Pages Type: if you do not want to configure a special page to show popup, then you needn't choose any page.
    • Devices: you should choose all devices as default.
    • URL start with: you can set up to show the popup for whom coming from a special link as you want.
  • Configure when you want to show the popup: there are 2 options in automation campaign:
    • When customers intend to leave your store
    • When he viewed X times 

Step 2: Content Design 

  • Choose a template of popup you want 
  • Fill in all the required box to make your popup work perfectly
  • Save and Active 

METHOD 2: Customized Campaign to create popup more professional

Step 1: Select the type of popup

You can choose any kind of popup you want. In this case, I recommend using Display offer immediately without any condition or Require customer email before showing offer type. Your customers will be motivated to have more engagement in your store. 

Step 2: Select an attractive popup template

Step 3: Customize the popup 

Fill in your welcome message with an attractive CTA

Step 4: In Target Visitor, decide the location, traffic, products, and cart abandoned

In this situation, you should select New Visitors to receive your welcome discount popup.

Step 5: In Triggered, pick the exit time to show popup

  • Pages Type: You should choose Product Page and Other Pages
  • When do you want to display popup: you should select the second option - When a customer visited 0 times. So when a visitor just navigates to your store, he will see a popup to complete his cart.

Step 6: Create your coupon and publish the popup