1. Campaign Info

  • Campaign name: type the name of your campaign.
  • Campaign status: select Activated to active your campaign and Deactivated to stop it.

2. Coupon Codes

Create your coupon codes here, they are separated by comma. In Total displays for each coupon setting, you set the number of the coupon will be shown.

3. Apply Time & Conditions

  • Limit time for this offer: set a limited time for the coupon code
  • Display frequency: there is a list of dropdown for you to decide how many times your code will be shown
    • Every visit time
    • One time per hour
    • One time per day
    • One time per week
    • Every page view
  • Stop Display: you can decide when a visitor stop seeing your popup. You can select both of 2 options below:    
    • After visitor has signed up or clicked
    • After visitor has seen the popup X times

Hope this post can help you. Feel free to contact us via email: help@ecomfit.com