Welcome to Ecomfit Push Notifications. 

Before embarking on any push notification campaign, you need to configure the overall settings for it. The main purpose of this configuration is to get your customers’ permission to send push notifications. 

This very first step is really important because if their answer is “BLOCK”, then all of your wonderful ideas and campaigns would go to waste before they even have a chance to show up.

So in order to get approval from your store visitors, you have to set up the Browser Prompt.

Please navigate to Configuration on the menu bar on your left hand.

1. Basic Information 

  • Decide when you want to show up and ask for their permission.You can wait after your visitors have clicked through several pages and have stayed on your site for at least how many seconds.

  • Attention: It’s advised not to jump right in the moment they just land on your page, which might bring you a “BLOCK” when they’ve just had little interest in your store.

  • Decide if you want to ask for permission when your visitors already turn into paying customers. When they complete a purchase, it’s safe to assume that they might want to know more about the upcoming products.

  • Tips: Looking at your website analytic to better understand their behaviors, for example: their average time on page, visitor path, bounce rate,... These numbers will give you a hint on timing setup.

  • Click Preview button to check it: 

Instead of showing some cliche and boring text like “www.yourwebsite.com wants to show notification”, please tailor your message to stir a feeling of excitement for your potential customers. 

2. Increase more subscribers 

In Offer discount code: giving a coupon code to motivate to customer to subscribe?

This will increase the likelihood that they allow you to send them future notification.

Note: in case you turn off the Browser Prompt and want to turn on the Ask on checkout success page, then you need to turn the Browser Prompt in Basic Information on.  

Your website information

Finally, give some basic information about your website to make the communication more lively:

  • Website name
  • Domain
  • Logo

Then click “Save” to finish these settings.

You just need to configure this setting once. Adjustment is easy to make by navigating to the “Configuration” on the left panel. 

Wish you good luck!

Ecomfit Team.