Push Notification brings you an instant communication tool with your customers. With appropriate content adjusted for different stages of customer journey, you can facilitate their engagement, reduce carts abandoned and eventually boost sales. 

So depends on purpose of each campaign, you would need to tailor your messages sent to customers. Ecomfit has already structured the template of push notification so you just need to fill in the blank space:

  • Title: One big headline on top of the notification banner, which can make or break your whole campaign. Take time to think about an appealing invitation so that customers are induced to click on. These few words have more power than you might think so let consider your brand identity as well as your customers taste. 

  • Content: If customers have their eyes on this part, it seems that your title is intriguing enough to arouse their curiosity. You have 60 character-limit to satisfy their need and actually get them click on the link.  

  • Primary link: Used to navigate them to your desired section.

Don’t forget the visual part. A picture is worth a thousand words.

People may skip your text but their eyes can’t simply ignore the pictures, even at a glance. Such opportunity may enhance your brand presence and stir an interest in your product.

Banner section is where you can place the products that you would want to promote, or ones that your customers just abandoned.

Finally, we have a preview section right next to the content setting. It will help you take a look at your final results from a customer point of view.

If done, then you’re ready to move to the next step: Target Visitor.

Hope that this can help!

Ecomfit Team.