For any marketing and sales campaign, delivering right messages to the right people at the right time is always a factor that guarantees success. With that in mind, Ecomfit’s robust targeting options are designed to squeeze the most out of your push notification campaign.

After figuring out the idea for a push campaign, be it reducing abandoned carts, customer retention, customer loyalty, freeshipping,... you can choose one or combine any of the following segment factors:

  1. Visitor: You will be able to target visitors based on the period of time they land on your website. 

  1. LocationIt’s a great targeting option when your business covers a wide range of geographic areas or you’re doing dropshipping. Being able to narrow down your campaign to several specific countries can help you deliver more relevant content.

  1. Device: Let’s look at the engagement by device of your store analytics. Usually there would be one type of device that has a higher conversion rate than others.

  1. Traffic: Traffic is one of the most powerful options which helps you deliver your message and promotion to specific source of traffic. It can effectively serves as an enhancement tool for your marketing or sales campaigns. 

For example: When running a facebook ads and navigating visitors to your website, you can give a promotion     code only to people who come from facebook. This would be intriguing enough to convert them in a short period of time.

  1. Products: Setup a push notification campaign that applies people who already viewed or bought a certain products. You can choose from a wide range listed on your store. Product-based targeting can be of great help for cross sale or up sale campaign!

  1. Cart Abandoned: Sometimes people like a product but for some reasons, it’s not enough for them to complete a purchase. Whether it is about high price, shipping fee, no urgency,... creating a push campaign to remind them about your presence is a must in the path to final conversion.


You can adjust the setting with Cart created time, Cart amount and/or Cart which has a certain product.

  1. Customer value: Not all customer value is equal.  Customer value section is built dedicatedly for this:

  • Bought already: You want to target and give promotion code to only those who generated or are about to generate a high amount of revenue, don’t you? This selection might be of help when you want to run a customer care or loyalty campaign.

  • Not yet buy: Target only those who haven’t made a purchase in your store before, which can prompt people to come back and finalize their purchase. 

In order to have the right target setting, you first have to build the right customer portrait, and this is when store analytics come into play. 

Wish you good luck! 

Ecomfit Team.