After the first two pivotal steps of designing content and selecting target customers, there’s just one small thing to do to complete this whole campaign. Just fill in these fields and you are good to go.

  • Campaign name: Since you’re gonna create and manage a huge number of campaigns in the future, so it’s better to name each one with relatable and simple ideas. 

  • Campaign status: Either activated or deactivated.

  • Running time of this campaign: Select a start and end date for the campaign.

  • When do you want to send this notification? This is one important trigger that you need to consider. If there are customers matching with your targeting condition, how long after that will you send them push notification? For example, if a customer from Instagram visiting your website and have viewed product A, will you send push notification immediately or would you wait for 5 minutes? 

Hope that your upcoming campaign bring you fruitful results!

Ecomfit Team.