Reducing the number of carts left behind and trying to recover potential lost sales are always the burning urge of any store owner. That’s why Ecomfit build Abandoned Cart Recovery as one of the ready-to-use campaigns. 

With Abandoned Cart Recovery, you can send up to 3 push notifications to remind your customer about their abandoned carts.

Instead of going through three manual steps, you can just click on the Abandoned Cart Recovery on the left-side panel to see how it works, then everything is set.

When creating a push notification campaign for abandoned carts, you are allowed to send up to three messages. 

Please note that: Ecomfit has already set up everything for you and that campaign can go live immediately with your click on “Save & Active” button (which might take you one second!).

However, if you still want to modify and tailor some messages, then here’s the guide:

To set up each of the three push, you’re supposed to set up the following fields:

  • Timing: Decide how long you want to wait after visitors leave their carts behind. For the first push notification, the minimum wait time is 30 minutes. Or you can choose from all the provided options. 

  • Title: There are already examples which have been made for you, which are all designed to arouse a sense of FOMO (fear of missing out), personalization or brings in some sentiment. Or you can think of your own call to actions which suit your brand identity and your customer personas.  

  • Content: It would give you more space to communicate with your customer and persuade them to comeback.

  • Primary link: All the links and images (or banners) of abandoned cart push notifications are automatically generated based on each visitor’s cart. So basically you can skip this part.

You can choose to give a discount code to motivate customer buying.

Don’t forget to insert relevant links to the buttons on push notification. Since buttons are optional, you can delete if they are not necessary.

Then continue to finish the setup for the second and third notifications. To go live this campaign, just click on “Save and Active.

Hope that these push notification can transfer some potential lost sales to your bank account!

Ecomfit Team.