While getting more sales is tough and expensive, it’s much easier and more cost-effective to raise the value of each order. By having correct configuration, you can allow your push notifications to show complementary products at the perfect moment.

  1. Create a table of complement products used for cross sale

Make sure that the products you recommend are relevant or adding value to the products that customers are going to buy.

For example: Dresses might be sold together with accessories like shoses, necklaces. A watch would look trendier on wrist with a bracelet.


  1. Navigating to Ecomfit’s Campaign section 

To launch any campaign, you have to walk through 3 steps of: Content Design > Target Visitors > Campaign Info as usual. However, with the purpose of showing related products to cross sell, you may need special adjustments for the following parts:

2.1. Content Design

  • Title & Content

Your customers are already showing commitment to your products. You just need to make your content natural and optimize their benefits.

    • Offer a discount or incentive: Freeship, 5% off overall order,... when they meet your condition. 

    • Tell your customers about the different benefits they would get. Don’t just show them a plain product, foresee their needs as well.

  • Click on the box to give them coupon code if you want to.

2.2. Target visitors: Focus on the Product section.

Since you’re gonna show a complement or related product, you would want to aim at people who already bought a certain product. Just click on the arrow of Bought Products then you can choose from your store inventories.

3. Campaign Info

Don’t forget the timing! 

Depends on the type of your products and your customer behavior, you can test and setup the timing of this campaign.

  • Right after they complete their purchase: This is when you’ve obtained their trust and attention. What’s more important is that they still have their credit cards on hand!

  •  Wait until days later: This setting give them time to actually use your products. After that, recommending a complement product can bring a higher conversion rate.

Hope that you can create a successful cross sales campaign.

Ecomfit Team.