Don’t go all in just to acquire new customers. Some studies suggest that it can cost you up to 7 times the cost of retaining the existing ones, who can bring you twice as much revenue and more likely to recommend your store to others. How about using push notification to keep them hanging around for longer?

Ecomfit Customer Loyalty is a pre-configured campaign for you, which will need only little modification to match your timeline, and your customers preferences.

After navigating to the Customer Loyalty on the left side panel and name your campaign:

  • Customer Targeting:
  • Purchased Time: Help you specify the time range when they made their purchasing decision. You want to aim at those who’ve just bought last week or those who haven’t paid a visit for months?
  • Purchased Amount: You can skip this one. Or if you want to contact only people who already brought you a certain amount of sales, then detail it there.
  • Purchased Products: Target people who bought a certain product from your store. This is also a great way to convince them to spend on a complement product or upgrade it?
  • Last visited time: select the last time they visited your store
  • Push Content:
  • Title: Some generic phrases like “We’re missing you” or “ We’re waiting for you to comeback” work just fine. But if you have some ideas in mind, or want to give them rewards (discount, freeship,...) then be more specific.
  • Content: Explain your title above and make it more convincing to have them actually click on.
  • Give a discount code: Give a check on this box if you want to use discount.
  • Banner: Are you promoting a product? Make sure the product interesting and of their taste.
  • Primary link: Insert a link to your product or store there.
  • Button

Give your campaign an overall review then click on the “Save and Active” button and you’re good to go.

Of course a loyalty campaign won’t guarantee that your customers will throw their credit cards at you, but paired with your competitive advantages (like reasonable price, excellent customer service,..) can position you as the first choice to meet their needs.

Hope that the upcoming campaign will bring back some old friends of yours.

Ecomfit Team.