Please follow these steps to install Ecomfit on your WordPress store.

Step 1: Login your admin panel, choose Plugins / Add New, then search Ecomfit. Next, click Install Now button.

Step 2: Activate Ecomfit

After you installed our plugin, please click Activate button like the image below:

Next, click Let Connect Now button to integrate your site. 

There will be a child window shown up when you click Let Connect Now, you just need to login your Ecomfit account, then it is integrated successfully.

NOTE: In case you do not see Let Connect Now button like the image above, please navigate the Menu bar, choose Ecomfit, it will show you this page. Then click the button as mentioned above.

Now, you can use Ecomfit to check your sale performance as well as create promotion campaign as you want!

Hope Ecomfit serves you well! Feel free to contact us via email: