Welcome to Ecomfit Push Notifications. 

Before embarking on any push notification campaign, you need to configure the overall settings for it. The main purpose of this configuration is to get your customers’ permission to send push notifications. 

Next, create a push campaign professionally by yourself with Customized Campaign. 

4.1. Content Design 

  • Title: One big headline on top of the notification banner, which can make or break your whole campaign. Take time to think about an appealing invitation so that customers are induced to click on. These few words have more power than you might think so let consider your brand identity as well as your customers taste. 
  • Content: If customers have their eyes on this part, it seems that your title is intriguing enough to arouse their curiosity. You have 60 character-limit to satisfy their need and actually get them click on the link.  
  • Primary link: Used to navigate them to your desired section.

Don’t forget the visual part. A picture is worth a thousand words.

People may skip your text but their eyes can’t simply ignore the pictures, even at a glance. Such opportunity may enhance your brand presence and stir an interest in your product.

Banner section is where you can place the products that you would want to promote, or ones that your customers just abandoned.

Finally, we have a preview section right next to the content setting. It will help you take a look at your final results from a customer point of view.

If done, then you’re ready to move to the next step: Target Visitor.

4.2. Target Visitor 

In Target Visitor, either you choose the available segment or you can create another one to set target for your campaign.  

To find how to create a segment, please check this post.

4.3. Campaign Info

Finally, you fill in all the box in Campaign Info to finish the campaign.

Hope Ecomfit can serve you well. Feel FREE to contact us for any problems or question via email help@ecomfit.com.